General Dentistry
in Westport, CT

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Mark S. Roisman, DMD provides general dentistry in Westport, CT. Call 203-227-6338 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

General dentistry encompasses all of the preventive and diagnostic procedures that keep your teeth and gums healthy. We combine advanced dental technology with tried-and-true techniques to provide our patients with the best possible care. Our general dentistry services include:

Comprehensive Evaluation / Oral Examination

Also known as a dental checkup, your twice-yearly oral examinations are key to good oral health. During these appointments, we take a look at your teeth and gums, as well as your head, neck, lips, and cheeks to check for any abnormalities. When needed, we take digital radiographs to detect cavities, compromised fillings or crowns, bone recession, and other issues in the mouth, head, and neck. With brand new NIRI (Near Infrared Technology) and the new Itero 5D intraoral 3D scanner, we can also take a radiation-free preventive real-time scan of your teeth and bite and detect early cavities, even when you aren’t due for x-rays.

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Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

The technical term for dental cleaning is oral prophylaxis. Dental cleanings are recommended every six months, along with your comprehensive evaluations. We use a state-of-the-art ultrasonic system to loosen tartar, then use hand tools to remove any smaller deposits left behind. After your teeth are cleaned, we polish them—this creates a smooth surface that makes it more difficult for new tartar deposits to form.

Custom Mouth Guards

Mouth Guard

If you play contact sports, you should have a custom mouth guard. A well-fitted mouth guard made just for you is one of the best ways to protect yourself against dental injuries. Not only does it protect your teeth, it also protects your lips, gums, and arches from damage.

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Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a deeper dental cleaning that is used to treat gum disease. Scaling involves using specialized instruments to remove tartar and plaque from beneath the gum line. Once this is complete, we smooth the roots of your teeth to encourage your gums to reattach, eliminating the pockets where plaque and tartar collect.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are needed when damage or decay reaches the pulp at the center of your tooth. Although root canals have a reputation for being painful, the modern techniques and local anesthetic we use mean that your root canal will be no more painful than getting a cavity filled. The process involves opening your tooth, removing the pulp and disinfecting the chamber, then filling the tooth with a material called gutta percha. Your tooth is then sealed with a dental filling or crown.


Extracted Tooth

Our goal is to always save your natural tooth, but sometimes this isn’t possible. In such cases, we turn to extraction to restore your oral health. We use local anesthetic injections to ensure that your tooth extraction is pain-free and offer sedation when needed.

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