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Mark S. Roisman, DMD provides pediatric dentistry in Westport, CT. Call 203-227-6338 to learn more and schedule your appointment. Mark S. Roisman, DMD is a board certified pediatric dentist.

As a family dental practice we specialize in pediatric dentistry and treat patients of all ages, including kids! Pediatric dentistry has a special focus on education and preventive care, laying the foundation for a lifetime of good dental habits and establishing a dental home where children receive comprehensive dental care and education from infancy through adolescence. Your child’s baby teeth aren’t just placeholders—they play an important role in speech development, allow kids to eat the healthy foods that help them grow, and guide the permanent teeth into their proper positions.

Our board certified pediatric dentist offers the following pediatric dental services at our Westport practice:

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation / Digital Radiographs

Just like adults, children should go to the dentist every six months for checkups, starting around the time the first tooth appears or by age one, as recommended by the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This early start is crucial for children to set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental care. During these visits, our pediatric dentist will monitor for cavities and other dental problems. When needed, we use digital radiographs to identify issues that can’t be diagnosed with visual exams.

Dental Cleaning

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Dental cleanings twice a year are particularly important for children because they don’t always have the dexterity to brush their teeth well. We use an ultrasonic tool to gently remove tartar, then polish the teeth to lift surface stains and keep new tartar deposits from forming. Regular dental care is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth throughout childhood, ensuring easy food chewing, clear speech, and confident smiling.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are one of the best tools pediatric dentists have when it comes to preventing cavities in kids. It's a safe resin material that is painted onto the surfaces of the teeth to fill in the grooves and crevices where plaque collects and causes cavities. Sealants are painless, fast, and applied in a single visit.

Fluoride Treatment

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Fluoride is a natural mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and prevents decay. During your child's twice-yearly dental checkups, the dentist will apply fluoride using a gel, foam, or varnish.

Mouth Guards

Many school athletic programs require children to wear mouth guards, but even if yours doesn't, it's a good idea to have one, particularly if your child wears braces. The custom-made mouth guards we provide offer more protection than store-bought mouth guards and they're also more comfortable to wear.

The Importance of Early Pediatric Dental Care

Your child’s first dental visit is an important milestone, especially when it takes place at Westport Dental Associates, where the foundation for a lifetime of dental health is laid.

Pediatric dentists at Westport Dental Associates play a crucial role in early dental care, offering compassionate, comprehensive services and ensuring continuity of care from childhood through adulthood.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

The Importance of Early Dental Care

Your child's first dental visit is an important milestone.

Learn More About Early Dental Care