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Many schools and sports leagues require players to wear custom mouth guards to protect against dental and jaw injuries. Even when mouth guards aren't mandated, wearing one is a good idea, particularly for young athletes who wear braces. Mouth guards are a low-cost defense against painful, expensive tooth injuries, and research backs up their effectiveness. Mouth guard wearers are 82 to 93 percent less likely to get dentofacial injuries while participating in sports!

Why Custom Mouth Guards Are Best

Not all mouth guards provide equal protection. Pre-formed, ready-to-wear mouth guards are inexpensive, but they rarely fit well because they aren't customized to the wearer’s jaw and teeth. They're often uncomfortably bulky, making it difficult to speak clearly and breathe properly during strenuous exercise. As a result, many athletes, particularly children, choose to leave their mouth guards in their lockers rather than wear them.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards are another option, but while they may fit better, the materials used in them are inferior to those used in a custom mouth guard made by a dentist. We take impressions of your teeth and use them to make a guard that fits your teeth and jaw perfectly. This provides the maximum level of protection and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Mouth Guards

How does a sports mouth guard work?

Sports mouth guards provide a layer of protection to the jaw, teeth, and soft tissues by absorbing impacts to the face.

What sports use mouth guards?

While contact sports like football and wrestling are the most obvious candidates for a mouth guard, injuries can occur in a variety of sports, including ice skating, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, and soccer. It's always better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend mouth guards for most sports!

Can I use a sports mouth guard at night?

No, a sports mouth guard is not the same as the sort of mouth guard worn at night to prevent teeth grinding.

How do I keep my mouth guard clean?

Each time you take your mouth guard out and before putting it back in, rinse it with water. You can deep clean it once a week using denture or retainer cleanser or simple dish soap and water.

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